We provide power washing cleaning service to the commercial and public sector nationwide

About Us

Royal Cleaning Services was established in 2010 serving the Meath and surrounding areas.
We provide power washing cleaning services to the commercial and public sector nationwide.
Our services include window, driveway and roof cleaning.

Cleaning Services We Provide

Window Cleaning

We have special equipment to reach high windows eliminating ladders.

Soft Wash Cleaning

We clean all types of buildings softly removing dirt and green algae.

High Pressure Cleaning

Graffiti removal, brick and stone cleaning, efflorescence removal paint stripping etc.

Ground Surfaces

We clean ground surfaces such as tarmac, concrete, stone and tiles.

Roof Cleaning

We use soft wash cleaning to clean all our customer’s roofs safely.

Artificial Sports Surfaces

We clean Tennis Courts, Hockey Pitches, Football Pitches and more.

Wall Cleaning

We clean walls of any size removing all dirt and algae built up over time.

Timber Deck Cleaning

We can preserve your timber decking and make it safer getting rid of mould and algae.


We provide cleaning for commercial buildings not matter the size. High rise or low rise we do it.


We provide cleaning services for your home whether it be walls, tarmac, roofs or windows.

Our Contract Service

We provide a Contract Service.

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Our contract service includes;

  • Regular maintenance cleaning service
  • Cleaning after construction work
  • Once off cleaning service
  • All our services on contract
  • Deep cleaning

We provide this contract service to residential and business clients. Get in contact to find out more.

We provide the best quality cleaning service nationwide

We are professional cleaning service and our goal is to complete every job with care making sure you get the results you want.


Any business, big or small. Anyplace in Ireland. We have you covered.


We ensure you get what you pay for with our cleaning services.

Competitive Pricing

You get value for money with us because we value our customers.

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Steeplestown, Trim, Co. Meath


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